October 22, 2012

Cicit Cuit

Very sorry for the absence in my blog. No excuses, I know, but really.. I was so busy with the website making (www.motiffliving.com) and stuffs. It was my first attempt on making a website from scratch.. will try to post about this some other time. Meanwhile, you can go directly to the site - just in case I'll be too 'busy' again for my next post ;D

So, I think this project was about more than a year ago (oops). "Cicit Cuit" picture book, created for celebrating the first month anniversary of Edward & Ilona, the newborn twins. Debby, their mom came with this idea while she was still pregnant. The story was about a chicken family. A simple story, yet so touching. Do you know? Debby wrote it herself :)

Then, I was pretty surprised when the book was sent to me. It came in a super cute package, filled with cookies, boiled eggs with its little nest and finger puppets - represent each character of the book. These packages were sent to their loved ones.. I bet they were as thrilled as me! Such a beautiful idea for a wonderful life event celebration, don't you think? It's been always a pleasure to work with people with creative minds.

xoxo, ~dhi