August 10, 2013

Typography Work for Rasamasa

This is my latest work with Mendiola B. Wiryawan and Rihan Pirous, for

An Idul Fitri greeting made of foods :) 
We combined chalk-handwriting and food-typography.

The details:

The process: 

See it full preview at

And wishing a Happy Eid Mubarak 1434H to those who celebrate!


October 22, 2012

Cicit Cuit

"Cicit Cuit" picture book, created for celebrating the first month anniversary of Edward & Ilona, the newborn twins. Debbie, their mom came with this idea while she was still pregnant. The story was about a chicken family. A simple story, yet so touching. Do you know? Debbie wrote it herself :)

Then, I was pretty surprised when the book was sent to me. It came in a super cute package, filled with cookies, boiled eggs with its little nest and finger puppets - represent each character of the book. These packages were sent to their loved ones.. I bet they were as thrilled as me! Such a beautiful idea for a wonderful life event celebration, don't you think? It's been always a pleasure to work with people with creative minds.

- dhi

June 04, 2012

Tupperware Sandwich Keeper

Tupperware wanted to make a romantic-themed sandwich keeper for couple. Personally, I'm not the kind of person who thinks 'romantic' as candle light dinner or any other melancholic/ dramatic scenes. Despite of the 'cliche-ness', I have another concept about it. For me, romantic is just as simple as being comfortable with your partner, no matter what you do and wherever you are.  After a brain storming (with myself :)) ), 'picnic' sounds so representative. So, proposed "picnic in the park" as one of the 'romantic' idea.  Very glad that they kinda agree with that idea.. (I assumed so, as they had approved it ;))


 "Kan Kubajak Hatimu"

  "Oh, Crab!"

These were illustrations I made for Pictogram, a Facebook group I joined in the beginning of 2012. It challenges their (mostly illustrators) members to draw accordingly to the theme given every 2 weeks. The winner of this challenge is based on the post got most "like" from other members. Any prize? Yes, he/ she will be privileged to decide the next theme. As simple as that.

I didn't post a lot in Pictogram (yet I'm a regular voter!), as far as I remembered, I just did 3 challenges. Here, I want to share two of them.

I made the first picture ("Kan Kubajak Hatimu"/ "Will Pirate Your Heart"), for the theme "Pirate". Instead of drew the real pirate, I chose to drew a "heart-pirate". I know it's a lil' bit cheesy! After all, the concept was inspired by the cheesy (if not flirty) line that usually appears on local trucks (in Indonesia). The execution was somehow tattoo-ish look, just to make it flamboyant.  Apparently, this post got the most "like".  The heart-pirate won :)

The second one, was made for "Under the Sea" theme. Had no enough time to be splurged on, I tried to find something simple to draw, but still has a twist. I chose octopus and had it roughly-sketched. But then, the next day, I read my friend's tweet: "Oh, crap!" and suddenly thought that it phonetically the same as "crab" - a creature from under the sea. A twist! Plus, it just took me approximately 30 minutes to finish it. Didn't won the challenge, but it was fun to read other members' comments about this post. Btw, yes, the crab got chicken-pox disease (should make the ambiguous chicken illos later, maybe? nah.)

May 23, 2011


The newest projects - published! :)

LACTAMIL is a well-known brand from Sari Husada
specialized in milk products for women in their pregnancy periods and lactation periods.

Glass Project
"Lovely Baby" theme
.glass illustrations & design. 

 Good night, my dear baby..

  Hello, cute baby..

Lovely baby, happy baby..
 I love my baby..

Pouch Project
"Mother & Baby" theme 
.pouch illustrations & design.

February 04, 2011

"Balita Membaca, Balita Menulis"

Since 2006, Gafa has been my long-term client (click here to see the previous Gafa projects). After about 30ish children book series we've worked together, Gafa offered me another book project. This time, it's not for the little readers, instead.. it will be dedicated for the grown-ups (mostly parents & teachers). The writer/ the owner, Petrus Gautama handed me the script in "Word" documents. His only request was to make the book much more interesting with the illustrations & designs. So I started to scratch the concept and thought about how to make this book appealing for grown-ups, yet still have that "Gafa-ish" looks (which has always been so "kiddy"). Plus.. this book consists a lot of essential infos, so the illustrations have to be the good "visual-explaining-agent".

Decided to make it simple, efficient, and friendly-looked, I used the two-tone colours + clean designs. The two-tones strategy helps a lot for making the cute illustrations not too "kiddy". Here are some of the layouts for you to peek :)


... talking about illustrations as the good "visual-explaining-agent"

..and finally: yes, I did the photography & art direction, as well.
(Okay, now you can call it the "one-stop project" :D) 

That's a wrap :)

July 13, 2010


Cover of premiere edition of Brilio magazine

Inside pages of Brilio magazine: "Pollutions Around Us"
(click the image to zoom in)

Inside pages of Brilio magazine: "Find Your Heroes!"
(yeaps.. it reminds us of that famous "Where's Wally?")
(click the image to zoom in)

"Brilio" is a brand new magazine for kids. For now, it's being published in one package along with "Inspired Kids" magazine. This is one of the most exciting & challenging projects I've ever done. Aside from the fun content I got to do, worked with the team (writers, editors and other designers) was also the coolest part. Through a series of brainstormings, we created the concept together.. from character designs to storyboards. Fun! Really hope that Indonesian kids love the magazine.

Marina Spray Cologne - Midnight & Moonlight

As far as I remembered, this was my first commercial packaging project (did it when I just started my freelance career).. Since the client involved a lot of researches, I'd say it was a very challenging project (esp. for the character designing part). Learned a lot from this project and happy with it :)

May 30, 2010

The Love Project

Designed these layouts for Luna - Proffesional Wedding Photography. 
Since it made me did a lot of researches (read: googling) on love quotes + poems, and got piles of engagement photos fulfilled with loving couples... I simply call it "the Love Project". Simple, yet lovely project. 
Will share more, later on.

May 14, 2010

Let's Have a Little Dance!

Just found my-long-lost-illustration from the unused project, then recycled it into a piece of this simple-personal-artwork.
"d" is for danciiingg!
Let's have a lil' dance, everyone! ;)

February 12, 2010

Website Header ""

Outer space! All of us must be so curious about the life 'out there'. Agus Mulyono, the owner of, was very into this spaceship theme at the time. So he proposed to me to create this kind of header for his so-famous-website. Well, it's been a while & it's no longer used anymore in his web, yet I still love this simple & wacky theme illustration. And yes, you can order your very own personalized namecard to him! (free promo for you, Sir :))

August 05, 2009

Red Tree Mobile

Red Tree Mobile is a fast-growing mobile content provider company in Indonesia. This mascot was designed to represent the soul of the company: energetic yet courageous to be the most innovative content provider in mobile industry. Simply go to to find out more about them.

November 24, 2008

"Ayo Jelajah Indonesia! - Buku Super Panjaaang" - on sale now!

These series have been published by Grasindo and you can find them in Gramedia bookstores (Grand Indonesia, Pondok Indah Mall, Matraman). If you're interested, just e-mail me ( I'd be very glad to response all your questions, purchase requests and even critiques :) You can also click here to see the complete details. Enjoy!