July 29, 2008

Cozzee Fresh Coffee Packaging


nenoneno said...

hai Dhianita. sorry for the late reply. apparently I just found your comment in my spam box. weird isn't it?

I knew your blog from Polyvore if I'm not mistaken. when I tried to search users from Indonesia. very great designs you have. I love the drawings.

yep, I'm an English teacher at the moment. hopefully we can cooperate one day. very nice to know you. :)

anyway, may I add you as contact on Polyvore? thanks a alot. :)

Dhianita Soendoro said...

hi nenoneno, no problem for the late reply.. because i did it, too! hehehe, last week was kinda hectic. Thanks a lot for your appreciation on my designs...

Yes, absolutely, you can add me as your contact on Polyvore. Very glad about that. I look forward from you ;)