July 13, 2010


Cover of premiere edition of Brilio magazine

Inside pages of Brilio magazine: "Pollutions Around Us"
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Inside pages of Brilio magazine: "Find Your Heroes!"
(yeaps.. it reminds us of that famous "Where's Wally?")
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"Brilio" is a brand new magazine for kids. For now, it's being published in one package along with "Inspired Kids" magazine. This is one of the most exciting & challenging projects I've ever done. Aside from the fun content I got to do, worked with the team (writers, editors and other designers) was also the coolest part. Through a series of brainstormings, we created the concept together.. from character designs to storyboards. Fun! Really hope that Indonesian kids love the magazine.

Marina Spray Cologne - Midnight & Moonlight

As far as I remembered, this was my first commercial packaging project (did it when I just started my freelance career).. Since the client involved a lot of researches, I'd say it was a very challenging project (esp. for the character designing part). Learned a lot from this project and happy with it :)