July 13, 2010

Marina Spray Cologne - Midnight & Moonlight

As far as I remembered, this was my first commercial packaging project (did it when I just started my freelance career).. Since the client involved a lot of researches, I'd say it was a very challenging project (esp. for the character designing part). Learned a lot from this project and happy with it :)


Carmela said...

So you're the one responsible for these lovely designs! I fell in love with them -- the lines especially -- the moment I saw the colognes on the shelves, because I haven't seen designs like those on local drugstore-brand colognes (which are usually flowers, butterflies, geometric designs, or color blocking). I bought the Moonlight variant. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, marina cologne is available here in the philippines the packaging is catchy,pretty and princess like i like the moonlight variant :)