June 04, 2012


 "Kan Kubajak Hatimu"

  "Oh, Crab!"

These were illustrations I made for Pictogram, a Facebook group I joined in the beginning of 2012. It challenges their (mostly illustrators) members to draw accordingly to the theme given every 2 weeks. The winner of this challenge is based on the post got most "like" from other members. Any prize? Yes, he/ she will be privileged to decide the next theme. As simple as that.

I didn't post a lot in Pictogram (yet I'm a regular voter!), as far as I remembered, I just did 3 challenges. Here, I want to share two of them.

I made the first picture ("Kan Kubajak Hatimu"/ "Will Pirate Your Heart"), for the theme "Pirate". Instead of drew the real pirate, I chose to drew a "heart-pirate". I know it's a lil' bit cheesy! After all, the concept was inspired by the cheesy (if not flirty) line that usually appears on local trucks (in Indonesia). The execution was somehow tattoo-ish look, just to make it flamboyant.  Apparently, this post got the most "like".  The heart-pirate won :)

The second one, was made for "Under the Sea" theme. Had no enough time to be splurged on, I tried to find something simple to draw, but still has a twist. I chose octopus and had it roughly-sketched. But then, the next day, I read my friend's tweet: "Oh, crap!" and suddenly thought that it phonetically the same as "crab" - a creature from under the sea. A twist! Plus, it just took me approximately 30 minutes to finish it. Didn't won the challenge, but it was fun to read other members' comments about this post. Btw, yes, the crab got chicken-pox disease (should make the ambiguous chicken illos later, maybe? nah.)

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