February 04, 2011

"Balita Membaca, Balita Menulis"

Since 2006, Gafa has been my long-term client (click here to see the previous Gafa projects). After about 30ish children book series we've worked together, Gafa offered me another book project. This time, it's not for the little readers, instead.. it will be dedicated for the grown-ups (mostly parents & teachers). The writer/ the owner, Petrus Gautama handed me the script in "Word" documents. His only request was to make the book much more interesting with the illustrations & designs. So I started to scratch the concept and thought about how to make this book appealing for grown-ups, yet still have that "Gafa-ish" looks (which has always been so "kiddy"). Plus.. this book consists a lot of essential infos, so the illustrations have to be the good "visual-explaining-agent".

Decided to make it simple, efficient, and friendly-looked, I used the two-tone colours + clean designs. The two-tones strategy helps a lot for making the cute illustrations not too "kiddy". Here are some of the layouts for you to peek :)


... talking about illustrations as the good "visual-explaining-agent"

..and finally: yes, I did the photography & art direction, as well.
(Okay, now you can call it the "one-stop project" :D) 

That's a wrap :)


Hendy said...

jempol~! :D

Dhianita said...

jempol + telunjuk + kelingking... Metaaaal! hihihih thanks, hen ;)

mariakarina said...

dhiaaaaaan! kereenyaaa si ibu newlywed inih! hehe englishnya udah mantap kok dhi! :D sukses terus yaaaaa hehe

littlemissindri said...

Uwah....gw belum liat ini di toko buku *cari aaah* :)

mikoharjadi said...

Wow baru liat nih, keren Dhian... TOP BGT...